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Enish Buka Camberwell

Welcome to Enish Buka in Camberwell, where modern interior design meets the traditional buka style of Nigerian cuisine, all served in beautiful clay crockery. At Enish Buka, we offer a unique dining experience that combines the dishes you know and love from Enish with exciting chef's specials that showcase the authentic flavours of Nigeria.

Whether you're in the mood for village rice or fisherman's soup, you're sure to be transported to Nigeria with every bite. Come join us at Enish Buka and discover a whole new world of delicious and authentic Nigerian cuisine.

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Find Us At Enish Buka Camberwell

91 Camberwell Rd


+44 20 4529 7274

Opening Hours

Monday-Thursday 1pm-1am

Friday-Saturday 1pm-3am

Sunday 1pm-11pm

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